What is happening MardiGrass 2013, what has been happening inside the old H*E*M*P*Bar since it reopened? And why is this webpage starting to look like a toilet roll?

These are just some of the questions being asked out loud inside the H*E*M*P*party Bar, and I only have some of the answers, one of which, would be that the H*E*M*P*party Bar has now become POLITE FORCE Head Quarters another answer is YES!!!!!  the web camera is back online

If you look closely at the webcamera image you will see the huge amount of work we have done making improvements to the "Performance Space", at the moment, our primary focus is on spreading the word about  the hempseed food revolution that is taking place in Australia ....................

These days an entirely new aroma comes wafting out of the front door of the H*E*M*P Bar when you walk past, it’s the smell of 100% LEGAL hemp seed cooking. A massive amount of work ‘behind the scenes’ has been done by some very dedicated activists over the last months to prepare a menu of hemp food items for the culinary delight of both locals and tourists.

Instead of copious amounts of pot smoking ‘for political reasons’, the H*E*M*P Bar is 'demonstrating' a wide range of hemp food stuffs; Spring Rolls, Cakes and Cookies, Inner Space balls and Chocolate hemp Truffles. We got Burgers and Muffins, occasionally we have hemp pizza, hemp quiche and even rainbow colored hemp jelly!

“It’s the start of a Cannabis Catering revolution that’s for sure,” said Max Stone. “Everyone who has sampled our hemp-foods has commented about how wonderful it all tastes and how there should be more of it. Hempseed foods contain the elusive and vitally important 3 omegas in perfect balance. Everyone is chasing them in fish oil which we know is amongst the most polluted food stocks on the planet. Hempseed has omegas bound up more efficiently plus it’s protein level is second only to soya beans. This IS the food for the 21st Century. Hempseed was recently declared the number one weapon in Americas fight against obesity."

The beverage department has also been radically upgraded and expanded with every type of coffee you can think of. There is a huge range of herbal teas and chai, and for summer, iced tea and Chanticos famous cordial (8 homemade flavours). Thanks to the Zig and her crew of baristas, the H*E*M*P*Bar’s reputation as a coffee house is getting right up there with the best in town. It’s certainly more cost effective than everywhere else, only $2.50, which means that donating to the H*E*M*P* cause has never been as rewarding or as delicious.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of February 2011, we can safely say,
that over 1,000 Hemp Seed Burgers have been sold
for ZERO Complaints.

till next






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Nature abhors a vacuum, Nimbin doubly so and now a new vision  occupies the space formerly occupied by the H*E*M*P*Bar. Everything, and I mean everything, has been removed back to the bare bones of the wall and floorboards and the entire performance space has been reconfigured.


The sink and the entire 'kiosk apparatus' has been moved to the very back of the 'annex', the walls have all been stripped back to reveal the original paintings- when we moved the refrigerator for example, we uncovered an absolute masterpiece by Elsbeth Jones of Bob Marley. Point being, the new interior looks completely different in the same way that a Rolls Royce looks different from the model before.

The H*E*M*P*Embassy Committee has decided to keep the 'name' on going, the committee is certain that no matter how hard they try, people will always refer to the annex as the HEMP Bar, indeed, the decision to keep the same cyber web address was actually the most cyber-environmentally friendly decision the H*E*M*P*Embassy Committee could make, not only did it save buying another domain name and things like that, but it also means that the new H*E*M*P*Bar can take advantage of the extraordinary amount of real life and cyber promotion done over the years by fans of the old H*E*M*P*Bar who created the thousands of links to www.nimbinHEMPbar.com on most every cannabis related website, facebook, forum or bill board you can find on the Internet.

NBN 9 TV Story - January 20th 2009

The new H*E*M*P*Bar WILL NOT be a CANNABIS CAFE DEMONSTRATION MODEL. No pot will be sold on the premises. The rights of individuals to sell pot on the black market IS NOT and never has been, a part of our activism.

The new H*E*M*P*Bar WILL NOT be focusing on 'smoking' pot, indeed, pot smoking inside the H*E*M*P*Bar will no longer be considered a political act, rather, it will be considered as an act that could get us closed down, so we are hoping our visitors will respect this.

The new H*E*M*P*Bar WILL be a place to relax and talk about cannabis law reform while you sit at a table, perhaps sipping a cup of coffee and catching up on the latest news in cannabis law reform.

The new H*E*M*P*Bar WILL be a performance space that features a web camera, however the web camera WILL NOT be used to justify the smoking of cannabis, rather, the webcam will concentrate on showing the faces of real people who believe the law should be changed.

The new H*E*M*P*Bar WILL be, as ever, a meeting place for Cannabis Law Reform activists from all over earth.

The new H*E*M*P*Bar WILL be the new HeadQuarters of the POLITE FORCE.

The new H*E*M*P*Bar WILL be able to host a lot more activists a lot more comfortably because it will have a greater number of tables and chairs...

Bottom Line? The future of new H*E*M*P*Bar has so many unknown factors that it's pointless of me to ponder them further lest I start to sound like Donald Rumsfeld at a Department of Defense News Briefing (Feb. 12, 2002)

"As we know, there are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know we don't know."


Click here to visit the NIMBIN H*E*M*P*Bar website that was...

No band was playing, nor was crowd cheering as the H*E*M*P Bar opened its doors on January 11 at noon, ZERO local, international visitors or POLICE were queued outside to be the first one through the doors, however, the web audience was there for the relaunch. As ever, observer and the news gathering robot at www.drugsense.org/chat where the first to log on, followed closely by visitors from the facebook, msn, yahoo, Gtalk, skype and ICQ networks...

We all sat and waited to see what would happen.....

If the H*E*M*P*Bar was rigged for sound you would have heard the following words the most; "Can I buy some Pot?Cannabis?Ganja?Marijuana?" so much so, I had to put up a little sign.

As the opening day wore on, nothing 'spectacular' happened, many conversations about what had happened, what was happening and what might be about to happen, but, as I said, nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary. The new BoB Marley lounges are proving to be quite popular and even though the
NO SMOKING tends to bum a lot of people out, everyone one is delighted to see that the H*E*M*P* Party is battling on.

As the days pass, and despite the sign, the number of times I have to say "Alas, no cannabis or cookies for sale" has stayed the number one thing I say, but a significant number of people have commented on how the H*E*M*P*Bar had "changed" since they were in last and so I have gotten into the habit of replying... "So have you, You've changed a bit since you were last in here as well", guaranteed to raise a smile.

With the relocation of the http://www.australianhempparty.com registration sign up desk into the H*E*M*P*Bar I can report that new members are signing up in much greater numbers than even we expected.

NBN 9 TV Story - January 20th 2009

Click here to visit the NIMBIN H*E*M*P*Bar website that was...