Undatoka's FAQs


Q1 Is there a bathroom in here?
A1 We are hippies!!! whats a bath?
A2 If you mean toilet why didnt you say so?
A3 May i offer you the yellow bucket ?
A4 We share with the Pub, (2 doors down, its a big building full of drunken people, but, the toilets are usually clean)

Q2 Is POT legal in Nimbin?
A No it is illegal in all of Australia

Q3 Do you sell dope here?
A1 Only "Dopes" call it dope
A2 The pub sells dope. it comes in bottles (alcohol is dope as it makes everyone who consumes it dopey)
A3 No

Q4 Don't the police care that pot is sold in Nimbin?
A1 Shhhh! they dont know!!!
A2 Pot is tolerated in nimbin, as about 99% of the inhabitants dont see pot as detrimental to society and so dont make complaints to the police, and also the police know, from thier own experience, that it's alcohol and amphetamines that cause most of the damage

Q5 Have you lived here all your life?
A No! i havn't lived all my life yet

Q6 May i ask you a question?
A You just did

Q7 May i ask you another question?
A You just did

Q8 Do you mind if i ask you a silly questoin?
A Yes i do mind, but ask anyway

Q9 Can i roll a joint here?
A I dont know if you can...but you may certainly try

Q10 Is it ok if i smoke a joint in here?
A Yes we encourage that sort of behavior

Q11 Is it 4:20 yet?
A Its ALWAYS 4:20 in the HEMPbar, and yes we do accept donations for the 4:20 Joint that is shared by all who wish to take part in our daily demonstration of civil disobedience to the pot laws

Q 12(Indicating an empty seat) is any one sitting here?
A yes (describes person who asked Q )