welcome to year 70 of marijuana prohibition

Alas, it looks like the end of the H*E*M*P Bar, closed by official decree and thus, we are counting down the hours until our last live web images are uploaded on Friday the 29th of August at 4.20 P.M, I am sure you will join us for the "Premature Ejaculation Ceremony" during which, Cannabis Dave will be evicted... naturally, this page will updated as we wind down, or is it up?

August 29th 2008 UP DATE:12.AM ... 4 hours 20 minutes to go .........

We are into the final stretch of a very long journey, about to finish our reefer madness demonstration with the fastest most professional eviction compliance in the history of evictions.... Local Community Support has been overwhelming and humbling. Lots of people have promised to lend a 'hand' and we are totally looking forward to this afternoons 'finale' performance of our long running 4.20 protest.  www.nimfm.org is providing live radio coverage and there is a bewildering array of cameras jockeying for pole position to capture this afternoons youtube extravaganza. Indeed, it feels a lot like the last day of high school, graduation day, the hard work is all done, the results of our exam are as yet unknown, the future is an uncharted and exciting place, sadness tinged with euphoria....

August 29th 2008 UP DATE: 8.40 PM

youtube links will be supplied as soon as we find the 'fire wire' and transfer 'the footage', seems that as well as a 42.0 string band (7 guitarists) we had the www.abc.net.au live radio team doing a national radio broadcast ! For those of you who watched the webshow you would have seen perhaps the busiest 4 minutes and 20 seconds of our entire history, still writing more words as the party swirls around me, a party that, at its peak, took up all the footpath out side the H*E*M*P Embassy, the Hall and the pub next door, wow wow wow wow what an out pouring of emotions and also a sense of closure, now that the door is closed. As far as I am aware, the door to the street will stay closed for as long as the courts decide, but it looks for sure that there is going to be quite a campaign by the citizens of Nimbin to get the doors of their H*E*M*P Bar back open again... Yep, certainly the most colourful eviction I have ever been to, not I hasten to add, that I have been to that many evictions.... Found the firewire and now we are doing some rough editing of 'the footage'....... This website of course is not going anywhere, in fact its about to balloon with images and become bigger and bulkier than ever before so it's a bit early to be removing this webpage from your favorites.....



Listen to the H*E*M*P Bar

the link to the abc radio webpage

So where does the journey head next? We have no idea, at the moment the inside of the H*E*M*P*Bar is being cleaned, we have taken the 4.20 clock off the wall, all the H*E*M*P*Bar merchandize, all the stickers, keyrings, plates, plaques and teeshirts are being moved out to make way for the next 'crewww' of activists to decorate/brand the 'cyber set'. We have gigantic collection of photos and documents and mementos from the thousands of 'activists' who visited the H*E*M*P*Bar over the years to 'store' and it is quite an overwhelming task.

There are NO PLANS to open the door to the street while we are disassembling the cyber set because one of the webcams will be restarting because we realized that if we took pictures of the 'disassembly' of the H*E*M*P*Bar, if we 'run' them backwards it would look like we are putting it together, I mention this because the images wont be timed stamped, nor will it have a caption.


Peace for Pot. Pot for Peace

Click here to watch the webcams


Click here to watch the webcams

The "no smoking" laws in New South Wales have had a "dramatic" effect on the HEMP Bar and its patrons. It was found that in the Smoke-free Environment Act, performers may smoke if it is a necessary part of the performance, so kick back and enjoy the performance that the HEMP Bar and patrons put on, especially the daily 4:20 "smoking of the Big Joint act of civil disobedience and political protest against the cannabis laws " performance

Police outside HEMP Bar
photo by Charlie

As you can see in the webcam images below, the H*E*M*P Bar had a visit from the NSW Police and was no April Fools Day Joke. Our webcasting units have been confiscated and so, while we are trying to find some replacements, we will be temporarily off line with one of the live web cams. We have been deluged with emails and screenshots, heaps of thanks to all our Bar Flies!!!

Thanks to the kindness from our Bar Flies, Supa-Herb has been able come out of retirement and help us in our time of need and has resumed his former position as senior webcasting unit, we are hoping to source another pc or laptop to run the other webcam before mardigrass


"Pot for Peace and Peace for Pot"
ALL people appearing in these webcams are performers

Webcams upload every 20 secs, nearly enough time to skin one up.........
So organise yourself a coffee and a smoke then sit back, relax,
check out the fun at the Hemp Bar.

Due to the on going generosity of our patrons
the 4:20 webshows will no longer run

click here for latest pics
non java version of the webcam


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4:20 on 420 Day 2007 webcam's 7th birthday 4:20 at MardiGrass 2006


Mardi Grass Parade 007 Raising the big joint ready for parade

 360 view of HEMP Bar

HEMP Bar movie

The Nimbin Plantem "Chicken George" Taylor passed away 20/12/007

The Plantem has passed to Great Ganja Plot in the sky, he will be sorely missed by all who remember him especially when he waved the HEMP leaf flag or told his humorous tales and spoke out on the many uses of the cannabis plant or riding the BIG Joint at Mardi Grass


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R.I.P MistyCat. After more than 10 years active service catching the rats in the H*E*M*P* Bar and Embassy, Misty died quietly and peacefully in her sleep on the ever so comfortable couch down the very very comfortable end of the H*E*M*P* Bar ,happy to have done her part to help the HEMP Bar be as safe from rats as its possible to be.

See you on the other side Misty Cat..

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